How to fix monodevelop C# breakpoint not hit for executable and pdb built by Roslyn csc compiler with new managed pdb format? RRS feed

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  • On Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS I used csc /debug:managed to have the compiler write a new managed pdb  with the new format and executable,HelloWorld.exe, in a  Monodevelop Custom Build step.  Then I set up a Monodevelop Custom Run step with Execute HelloWorld.exe . When I set a breakpoint in Program.cs and try either 1. Start Debugging or 2. Run with Custom Command Mono Soft Debugger or 3. Debug Application, the breakpoint does not get hit. How do we use  Monodevelop or Xamarin Studio in Ubuntu Linux along with the new pdb and HelloWorld.exe to set breakpoints which are hit? Thank you very much.

    Frank Chang

    Saturday, October 31, 2015 8:59 PM