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  • Hi,

    We're protectiong a growing SharePoint farm and synchronization times start to be longer. Nothing to be really worried at, but we would like to have some tools to get better performance on these synchronizations. We have about 800 content databases of varied sizes ranging from 50Mb to 100Gb, distributed among 30 disks and we suspect that it is the fact of having so many databases what makes the synchronization take so long (more than 12 hours right now for a daily express full, about 2% of data churn), more than the volume of the data. We see that most of the time the agent is not transferring data to the dpm server but, probably, preparing this data to be transferred (we think this time is taken by the vss layer in the sql server).

    We would like to improve this operation, maybe increasing the number of content databases that are processed in parallel (we see in the DPM console > jobs in progress, that there are 8 databases processed at a given moment (when one is finished, a new job starts and there are always 8 databases being processed).

    Is there a way to increase the number of "threads" performing content database synchronization?

    Is there a way to improve the performance on the vss layer so there is less overhead in the operation of a single content database?  (we're thinking about using less, larger databases)

    Thanks in advance

    Monday, February 1, 2016 12:42 PM