Problem with Sharepoint Hosted Add-in Article "Add a workflow to a SharePoint-hosted SharePoint Add-in"



    The Sharepoint Addins article is at the link above. I have followed the articles through 1-5 with no problem. I'm developing with Visual Studio 2015, and uploading the tests to an add-in dev site on our office 365 sharepoint account. This example is the first to use workflows, and when I follow the debugging instructions at the end I do not see the Service Test Host console as shown. There is a note which states

    Note Note

    If the Test Service Host console does not open, you may need to enable workflow debugging. Right-click the project name inSolution Explorer and choose Properties.

    Open the SharePoint tab on the Properties pane and check the box for Enable Workflow debugging.

    However if I do that I cannot debug at all as if Enable Workflow Debugging is enabled I get an dialog shown above. How do I set up a Microsoft Azure Service Bus connection, what ever that is ? I couldn't find anything mentioned in the articles ?

    Dialog Box




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