New/factory restored & disc installed SP1 windows 7 machines taking days running windows update first time RRS feed

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    Something is going on with Windows update and new/restored 7 machines. Been going on pretty much all year so far and has been noticed by a great many other technicians besides me.  Windows 7 has seamed to taken the hit hard. With machines I have built and restored for customers over these past few years. I know how long the update process approximately took with in an hour or 2. but the same machines are now running into days. Something is not right and needs to be investigated by Microsoft to locate the problem unless it is being done intentionally for some reason. ??? Windows 8 and 10 machines don't seam to have as much problem 8 more than 10 but 7 never used too.

    This involves too many different manufactures machines and clean installs of 7 SP1 for this to be a OS install problem. Not when doing the same machine with in less than 2 years and I could turn the machine over and have it ready to return to work in a day. Not with the current problem with the update system for 7 OS anyway. I have read where this problem has been very frustrating for other techs.

    I have tried a number of the so called KB fixes for this and they pretty much do not correct the problem, I believe it is with the update system and older OS's.

    If is an effort to force 10 on folks is not good, if they don't like it and just don't want it, or have other issues with it. They ask for 7 OS machines. You have something people really like!!! So keep selling it and supporting it for them.

     I am a service technician of 30 years. I own a computer company and have service or built thousands of machines over the years.

    I'm not say the update process does not update machines that are up to date.  This is still a bit slow.

    This problem is with NEW 7 machines, out of box does. No matter manufacture. Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell. They all do it. Custom built machines with clean 7 - 64bit SP1 installed do it, Machines restored from factory partitions do it.

    Its when they run the update process the first times, not later.

    I have an HP I5 machine on my bench I had to rebuild about a year ago due to a some malware. Took a little over a day. I have it again. They allowed someone unknown to them to remote into it so taking no chances they want it wiped clean & factory restore. Same machine is now 2 days in to update and has not updated anything yet, green bar just keeps scrolling. I've seen too many same machines and how they run through the process before too know that it is not the machine hardware, its something in the process since it entails so many different machines. Cable internet, so no slow speeds. Any factory installed A/V software has been removed before starting the process. MSE installed after. Be great if someone discovered the real problem.

    Saturday, October 22, 2016 1:00 AM

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