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  • This has me stumped and I wonder whether anybody else has seen the same and knows how to solve it:

    I have a table in Excel with 16 columns.  The last three are named:
    Price recheck

    I play round with the data in this table in Power Pivot and when I reload the result into Excel (same columns but additional rows) there is an additional column duplicating the Market column called [Market2]

    I have no idea why this occurs.  I have not added this column and nor does merging the new rows create it.  It does not appear in the resulting table shown in the Power Query Editor.

    In order to get rid of it, I introduce a new final step:

    Final = Table.RemoveColumns(ShouldBefinal,{"Market2"}, MissingField.Ignore)

    Note that if I use MissingField.Error  PQ flags up an error, suggesting that it too thinks there is no column called [Market2].  And when I look in the output in the Power Query Editor, both before and after this step there is no column called [Market2] and there are exactly 16 columns to be output, as one would expect.

    BUT ... When I save and load results from Final back into Excel ...
    there are 17 columns again with the spurious duplicated [Market2] column:
    Price recheck

    Any idea where it is coming from and how do I get rid of it?

    Sunday, February 17, 2019 11:39 PM


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