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  • I have a rotten BT line which periodically goes very slow or stops altogether, sometimes for hours at a time. They also want to charge me for excess usage and they are trying to say that I am UPLOADING 30 to 40 Gb per month or less (on an ADSL line)! Since my only uploads are those associated with normal home email and internet usage you understand I am not a happy bunny. I certainly haven't uploaded a film or 10. However, since BT support believe that a site called "levesoninquiry.uk.org/hearings" is a torrent site you understand I grow suspicious about what they are up to.

    I have scanned my system with every microsoft product I can think of and some others and they report no trojans or virus's. What I would like to find is some software to log what internet sites are being accessed and how much data is being transferred. Anybody know any decent, preferably microsoft product for W7 X64?

    I think BT are on the fiddle and I would like to be able to prove it (or not) at least, to my satisfaction.


    Monday, March 26, 2012 5:51 PM