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  • hi all,

    im newbies to sharepoint, we have an existing sharepoint 2007(url is intranet.corp.local) , there is a site called 'SSS',under that a Documents folder called 'DDD', under that we have lot of files so, the path is http://intranet.corp.local/SSS/DDD/MyFile.PDF

    1. From C# program we are uploading pdf files to the UNC path intranet.corp.local\SSS\DDD\

    2. when im uploading the file with my credentails from C# but, in SP im seeing its modified by user XXX. i dont know why its showing by the modified by XXX.

    3. now the problem is when im uploading documents, some time its uploading but, after 1 or 2 hours its not uploading, throwing exception as 'Access to the file intranet.corp.local/SSS/DDD/MyFile2.PDF is denied'

    4. i really dont know, how it really get struck up and throwing exceptions but, some user they are not at all getting expcetions.

    experts please guide me, what is wrong in my SP or NT?

    [FYI. i created new user in AD and uploaded file through C# program, first few time it was uploaded but, after some time, for this new user also getting same exception]

    Sunday, February 7, 2016 12:32 PM

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  • hi experts,

    kindly help me.....

    Monday, February 8, 2016 10:49 AM
  • ALCON,

    I have been having this very same problem since June 2016.  The problem was with an application provided by a company that was formerly a part of Microsoft  that runs on multiple servers in a cluster environment. The job "Coordinator" application maintains a resource inventory in UNC format. The resources inventoried (nominally a file" is listed as "<a href="file://\\\<share>\...">\\<server>\<share>\...".  When I try to access the file from the <server> through the application, the file gets an "Access Denied" error.  Mapping the device using UNC form on  <server> does not help at all.  By signing on another server in the application "cluster" and running the application there, however works.  When the application accesses the file under control of the cluster access works. After a lot of testing and poking I found that when the <server> is <localhost_name> the security information is not set up properly for UNC file referencing. This results in the Access denied problem.  The reason I know this is that I can access the file in the standard "<device>:\<folder> all day and no problems. When I try to access the folder using the UNC form name on where server is the local host name, I get the failure. 


    Thursday, May 4, 2017 3:46 PM