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  • Hello to all,

    I would be very gratefully if someone could help me urgently.

    We've had a problem working in the Project Server, we were working without connection, and the projects were saved in the local cache. When we try to connect to the server, we've had a connection problem and the projects haven't saved in the server.

    Now, we've a mpc files in the local cache, but we don't know how to read or restore them, because the project fails if we try to open them.

    Any idea to restore the changes done that are in these mcp files?




    Thursday, June 9, 2011 10:02 AM


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  • Maria,

    The only way I can think of is to open the files WITHOUT connecting to the server which will the force them to open using the Local Cached files. And then save them as offline mpps and reload them back to server.

    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS Blog:
    Thursday, June 9, 2011 11:06 AM
  • Thanks a lot!!!

    Yes, we did. We have tried to open the file .MPC without connecting to the server, but the Project says:

    Project can't open the file

    Check the name and the access

    Check that format is compatible with Project

    The Project files saved wtih previous version of Microsofp Project 98 can't be opened.

    If the file is related to a previous version, open it with this version, click to Save (file menu) and choose MPX format. Open the MPX file with the actual Project version. With this method, all the project data will be imported, but not the formats.


    Also we've tried to restore the files .MPC with the program:  "Recovery for Project", but nothing is restored:

    Pass 1: opening file... done

    Pass 2: parsing file... done

    Pass 3: recovering file data... done

    Pass 4: writing recovered data... done

    No data to recover detected


    And the result is an empy file....

    Althought It seems strange that the files are corrupted because we have a lot of directories with MPC files, each time we saved the projects without connection, and neither of these files can be read.

    Any other idea?

    We would be very gratefully if you can help us in order to restore the modifications that we can't see now.






    Thursday, June 9, 2011 12:11 PM
  • Hmm.. Did you try opening these files in Excel and Reimporting them back into a new project file?
    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS Blog:
    Thursday, June 9, 2011 4:05 PM
  • Actually ignore my previous reply.

    I am looking at your reply, and had another question...Instead of you actually navigating to the Cache folder and trying to open the .mpc file.. try this:

    • Open Project Pro, connected to the server.
    • Click File >> Open
    • Do NOT say "retrieve" the list of projects from server.
    • Instead select the project from the list of projects you see.. This should automatically bring up the last cached version..

    Let me know what you see..

    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS Blog:
    Thursday, June 9, 2011 4:12 PM
  • Maria --

    Forgive me for bumping into this thread, but maybe you could tell us what kind of connection problems you are having with Project Server 2010.  The reason I ask is because when you connect to Project Server through Project Professional 2010, the system will automatically send updates to the Project Server database for any projects in the Local Project cache.  And to open these projects in the Local Project Cache, all you need to do is to click File > Open and then open the project that shows in the Open dialog.  You should NEVER attempt to open the MCP files directly, since you already know by know that the system will NOT let you do this.  Let us know and we will try to help.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]
    VP of Educational Services
    "We write the books on Project Server"

    Thursday, June 9, 2011 5:48 PM
  • First, we have Project Server 2007. We did a macro and we executed it after save our changes in the projects working without connection. The Save was done ok, but after, the macro closed the Microsoft Project suddently, then, we didn't know about the cache, and we open the files from the server, and save again without connection. So, in the cache, we have a directory with cache files from day 7th, the ones that we need to recover, and then, we have a directory with cache files from day 8th, the actual cache is pointing to these of day 8th, but we want to restore the 7th day files...

    We have a <XXXXXX>.http--server-pwa.user  directory from 7th and <YYYYYY>.user.user the last one and from 8th.

    In the directories we have the following files: Cache.dat, global.mpc, <XXXXXX>.hash and <XXXXX>_VP.mpc or <YYYYYY>.hash and <YYYY>_VP.mpc

    and all the project-names.mpc

    If we copy all the files from <XXXX> directory to <YYYYY> directory, nothing is displayed in the Open menu, we also have tried to rename the <XXXX> files to <YYYY> files in order to have in the <YYYYY> directory the files from 7th, but no success...

    We have doubts  about what we must copy into <YYYYY>.user.user directory:

    the Cache.dat from 7th?

    the global.mpc from 7th?

    the <XXXX>.hash from 7th but renamed to <YYYYY>.hash?

    the <XXXX>_VP.mpc from 7th but renamed to <YYYYYY>_VP.mcp?


    I appreciate very much your interest and support!! THANKS SINCERENTLY!!


    Thursday, June 9, 2011 7:17 PM
  • Ok.. here is an idea for you.

    1. Go to the 'Cache' location on your system.
    2. Copy the ENTIRE folder that has the GUID (says something like {XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX}) and paste it to a different location.
    3. Open MS Project , go to tools >> Local Project Cache >> Cache Settings
    4. Copy the path and save it in a notepad as a backup.
    5. Replce the path with the path of the folder where you saved in Step 2 above.
    6. Restart Project , connected to the server.
    7. Now if you say 'Open' and NOT select 'Retrieve List...", you should see your projects..Save an offline copy and then later experiment with reloading them onto the server.
    8. Now go back to Step 3-5, and paste the original path to make sure things are back to where they were.
    9. Restart project.

     I tested this on my PC and it worked for my parameters, however, I would put in a standard discliamer, that you are trying it at your own risk, basically :)

    Hopefully, this helps.

    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS Blog:
    Friday, June 10, 2011 2:38 AM
  • Thanks again Adavi!! many thanks!

    Unfortunately, the question seems to be more complex than we thought...

    I explain:

    When we change the name of the location of the Cache, in the Cache Settings, for example:  C:\Users\maria freixes\Desktop

    If we put the cache directory thant we want to restore: 

    {588AC966-A02B-4BF8-BC00-3B6521F6C5ED}.Maria Freixes.Maria Freixes

    the project don't recognize this and creates another directory:

    {D9198E71-4949-4898-895C-E203E2774F63}.Maria Freixes.Maria Freixes

    This new directory that the Project creates has:





    So, I've copied the files from {588AC966-A02B-4BF8-BC00-3B6521F6C5ED}.Maria Freixes.Maria Freixes to {D9198E71-4949-4898-895C-E203E2774F63}.Maria Freixes.Maria Freixes

    But in the C966-A02B-4BF8-BC00-3B6521F6C5ED}.Maria Freixes.Maria Freixes directory had:




    also a Cache.dat, global[1].mpc and others *.mpc files....

    So, we change the name to the hash and _VP.mpc files, instead of

    {588AC966-A02B-4BF8-BC00-3B6521F6C5ED}.hash  --> {D9198E71-4949-4898-895C-E203E2774F63}.hash

    {588AC966-A02B-4BF8-BC00-3B6521F6C5ED}_VP.mpc --> {D9198E71-4949-4898-895C-E203E2774F63}_VP.mpc

    But this doesn't work neither.

    When opening the project, the files are not listed and in the directory the


    and global[1].mpc

    are updated to the actual time.

    No idea about....


    If you think another idea...




    Friday, June 10, 2011 9:11 AM
  • Maria,

    Alright.. running out of ideas :) However, it did work for me when I tested on my end..So not really sure whats happening here...Some kind of corruption?

    How about this..what if you left the default Cache path in Cache settings...and then removed all other cached versions except the one you want.. may be Project will pick it up? 


    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS Blog:
    Friday, June 10, 2011 7:22 PM
  • Maria,

    The information provided by Parsanna should solve your problem. Go to this link to develop a better understanding of the relationship between project professional and project server and how cache works:


    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:37 PM