Branch Cache & Adobe PDF & INDD files taking too long to open RRS feed

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  • We have setup a Windows 2016 File Server on a local cloud provider.

    Cloud File Server: CFS01

    The Hosted File Server on our LAN is Windows 2012

    Hosted File Server: FS01

    We have setup Hosted Branch Cache between the "local Cloud providers" and "ho". 

    1. Everything looks like working fine. Files open quick. However, we are having issues opening Adobe Indesign files which are a minimum of 25MB plus in size. And we face issues with PDF files too. Is there a way to get them to open faster?

    2. We like to understand if the branch cache is working? We open one PDF/INDD file and it takes over 3 minutes to open. However, when we close it and open it again it takes the same time. If branch cache is working as it should the file must open faster, kindly correct me if i am wrong.

    3. Can we setup a machine for both hosted & distributed cache?

    Below are the results of "Get-BCStatus" on a client computer in our "HO"

    Windows PowerShell
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    PS C:\Users\user01> Get-BCStatus

    BranchCacheIsEnabled        : True
    BranchCacheServiceStatus    : Running
    BranchCacheServiceStartType : Manual


        CurrentClientMode           : HostedCacheClient
        HostedCacheServerList       : {FS01.domain.com}
        HostedCacheDiscoveryEnabled : True


        ContentServerIsEnabled : True


        HostedCacheServerIsEnabled        : False
        ClientAuthenticationMode          : Domain
        HostedCacheScpRegistrationEnabled : False


        ContentRetrievalUrlReservationEnabled : True
        HostedCacheHttpUrlReservationEnabled  : True
        HostedCacheHttpsUrlReservationEnabled : True
        ContentRetrievalFirewallRulesEnabled  : False
        PeerDiscoveryFirewallRulesEnabled     : False
        HostedCacheServerFirewallRulesEnabled : False
        HostedCacheClientFirewallRulesEnabled : True


        CacheFileDirectoryPath               : Default
        MaxCacheSizeAsPercentageOfDiskVolume : 1
        MaxCacheSizeAsNumberOfBytes          : 4990873477
        CurrentSizeOnDiskAsNumberOfBytes     : 0
        CurrentActiveCacheSize               : 0


        CacheFileDirectoryPath               : Default
        MaxCacheSizeAsPercentageOfDiskVolume : 5
        MaxCacheSizeAsNumberOfBytes          : 24954367385
        CurrentSizeOnDiskAsNumberOfBytes     : 0
        CurrentActiveCacheSize               : 0

    Monday, January 14, 2019 6:55 AM