Q in Upgrading From Server 2003.


  • HI guys, we operate server 2003 with a mail exchange and 4 PCs.  It's time to upgrade so I'm doing my research as I'm not familiar with the server landscape.  A local PC shop said we should upgrade to server 2011 as it was the last server with exchange integrated into it; that Server 2012 doesn't come with a mail exchange and would be more expensive for us as an upgrade.  In surfing the web now, I've just seen Server 2013 Exchange is coming out, or has just been release, so I thought I'd ask some opinions here on which option might be better for us.  We're not interested in going cloud.  We prefer to keep our technology grounded with us.  Would appreciate anyone's thoughts.  Cheers.         
    Friday, April 04, 2014 6:36 AM


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