Internet Users suddenly cant reach a "Discussion Board" and after some hours they can RRS feed

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  • Hello. Ι have a sharepoint site with the following content:

    2x Discussion boards

    1x document library 

    1x Microsoft Web Access

    The following issue , occurs:

    every day, the users accessing the site from internet and only, get unable to access one discussion board. after some hours they are able to access it.

    If they try , from intranet, they can. 

    Only INTERNET users> at specific hours > cant access ONE of the two discussion boards...

    Suddenly, they can. ( i guess it has to do with a scheduled job, but i have no idea which one, or how to trace it.  ULS log viewer does not help because i have to "trial and check" for hours.....  

    Thank you .

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  • Will you please describe your farm? Have you extended your web application into a different zone for the internet users? What type of authentication are the internet users using? 

    What is the specific error these users receive? Is it all internet users or portion of them?

    Approximately between what times are they unable to access the site?

    You say it's only one discussion board -- they can continue to access the other content? Is all of this content in the same site collection? Different site collections? Are you the only administrator? 

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Architect

    Monday, October 22, 2012 2:38 PM
  • I am the only administrator.


    i have extended the web app , using internet zone. All users can now access the web app from anyhere, using the credentials they use to access the same application, from intranet (each one his credentials)

    the users are in groups. each group has access to a site. each site represents a classroom. so we have a1, a2, b1, b2 ...etc

    each site has identical content: 

    2x Discussion boards ( one is>  priavate  - parent to teacher only, the other is> like a chat for the students)

    1x document library ( students and teacher uploading and shareing files)

    1x Microsoft Web Access ( ui the teachers uses to store everyday's school work.


    authentication provider for both :WINDOWS


    The erros is the typical NO ACCESS error. Nothing different


    each sites's DISCUSSION BOARD 1 (not the 2nd) is not accessible during some hours of the day, when accessed by internet. 

    i have the ability to access the server (being at my office) from intranet and from internet. So i can confirm  that when accessing the DBoard from lan ( using the same account ofcourse) i have access. Accessing it from internet i do NOT.


    i dont knwo the starting time of NO-ACCESS but, while trying for many days now i realized that about 12:50 (daytime) it recovers.


    no other restriction for the usere ANYWHERE in the site ( that they are allowed to access). No problem at all.

    I have searched in Timer Jobs but i am not able to find anything . there are so many jobs scheduled , that i cant follow.....

    thank you

    Monday, October 22, 2012 4:11 PM
  • Are you using a reverse proxy to publish the site? If so, can you access the discussion board internally using the internal URL for the internet zone?

    If you are not using a reverse proxy, can you update the hosts file of an internal machine such that you are targeted at the internet zone's IIS website? Can you access the discussion board?

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Architect

    Monday, October 22, 2012 5:19 PM
  • How could i make sure if i am using a reverse proxy or not? I mean i am not sure about it so i would like to double check it. While logging from an internal computer i just type http://portal and the site's credentials window shows up. From internet i type http://www.adomain.gr and i am again the same site! If i type the www.adomain.gr from lan access , it did not work.
    Monday, October 22, 2012 5:36 PM
  • If you are using ISA Server, ForeFront UAG, TMG, or a third party application or appliance to publish SharePoint externally then you are using a reverse proxy. 

    When you go to www.adomain.gr from the LAN, are you experiencing the same issue, that is do you get the error or does something else happen?

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Architect

    Monday, October 22, 2012 5:42 PM
  • I am not using ISA Server, ForeFront UAG, TMG, or a third party application or appliance to publish SharePoint externally

    when entering the url the external users type to access the site, from inside the lan, nothing happens.

    they always use http://portal to access it. then they enter their credentials

    last night i tried to access the discussion board at 03:00. Could not.

    Something that might help:

    1) i have scheduled an incremental backup at 02:00 at night every night

    2) everytime i enter one discussion board (there are like 10 in total) from internet, using the sharepoint setup administrator's credentials, everything works fine after. It is like triggering the discussion board.....

    I do this one time  and it works fine for the rest day

    Wednesday, October 24, 2012 7:08 AM
  • hello. 

    Any suggestions?

    Sunday, October 28, 2012 6:15 PM