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  • In SharePoint 2003 [WSS 2.0], there was an option which allowed the admin to create a user in SharePoint which is later ported to SharePoint.

    In SharePoint 2010, there is  way to setup 2 way synchronization between AD and SP. Will this mean I could create a new account in AD as well from SharEPoint or that it is just used to update properties of existing accounts in AD from SP.


    Is there any way to setup "Account Creation Mode" in SharePoint 2010?



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  • Vijay --

    It somewhat depends on which version of the SharePoint 2010 release you're working with.

    • SharePoint Foundation 2010 (the "free" version of SharePoint that is the successor to Windows SharePoint Services, or WSS) does have something called "Active Directory Account Creation" mode available, which functions much like what you saw in WSS v2. Accounts are first created in SharePoint, and then added to an Organizational Unit in Active Directory. The problem is that this mode is only available at the time you install SharePoint, (its an option off the Advanced Settings button) and you can't change that configuration setting after the fact. Additionally, you can't use existing AD accounts in that SharePoint farm, you'll only be able to use accounts that you create through the tool and you can't give an account an email address that's already used by another account in AD. So you need to be mindful of those limitations if you chose to use that mode.
    • SharePoint Server 2010 does not have AD Account Creation, its not available with that product. So you cannot create new accounts in SharePoint (without implementing a third party tool, if one exists), but you do have two-way synchronization available for user profiles. That means that once you configure user profiles to synch both ways, users can update their profile information in SharePoint and those updates will also be made in their accounts in AD.

    Does that help?


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