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  • I've a dashboard with 1 Filter (OLAP Dimension members), 1 Scorecard and 1 Report (Web Page Type assigned to redir.aspx that i put in root folder of PPS).
    The Kpi's of the scorecard have a custom property "OverridingURL"(Type Hyperlink).
    I link the Scorecard with the Report by 2 Parameters - "OverridingURL" and "KpiId" (both from KPI) - thus when I click on KPI´s they pass the 2 parameters to the Report.
    I've also the Filter linked with the Scorecard by Filters - "MemberUniqueName".
    The redir.aspx code(as you can see below) of the Report, captures the 2 parameters(using Request.Params[KpiId] and Request.Params["OverridingURL"]) and opens a new page with a URL query string with the 2 parameters that I pretend to use.
    When I have the Filter linked to the Scorecard the redir only captures the first Parameter("OverridingURL").
    When I have the Filter not linked to the Scorecard the redir than captures the 2 Parameters("OverridingURL" and "KpiId") like I pretend, but the Scorecard was not linked to the Filter and I pretend the Filter linked with the Scorecard. 

    NOTE: This machine have Moss 2007 / Windows 2008. In other machine(Moss 2007 / Windows 2003) i've exactly the same implementation and it´s everything OK. I don´t understand.

    Can you help me??

    redis.aspx code:


    @ Page Language="C#"%>


    string js = @"
    <script language=""javascript"">

    string reff_URL = Request.Params["OverridingURL"];
    string reff_KPIId = Request.Params["KPIId"];

    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(reff_URL))
        string reff = reff_URL;
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(reff_KPIId))
          reff = reff + "?KPIId=" + reff_KPIId;
       Response.Write(string.Format(js, reff));

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 12:00 PM


  • Resolved!

    I don't still understand but I put the Filter for the scorecard also like a parameter(MemberUniqueName) for the Report - the first parameter in the list of parameters - and resulted.
    If the Filter is not the first one in the list of parameters won't result, because the second parameter in the list it's not catched.
    The reason I don't know and doesn't make any sense, furthermore in the machine where everything is OK I didn´t respect such order in parameter list.
    But in this machine this approach resulted and for me it's OK.
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    Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:06 PM