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  • I've been having lots of problems with Quick Launch toolbar in Win 7: every now and then it just disappears after I set it up, and workarounds/hotfixes I could found on the web didn't work for me.

    So I gathered all my courage and tried to make myself accustomed with the new pinning feature instead. Immediately I stumbled upon another problem which I cannot solve.

    During a day I often need to have multiple instances of Excel running (we use Office 2003). I click the pinned button to have the first istance run, no problems. Then I click the now-expanded Excel taskbar button while holding Shift to have the second instance launched. Excel does start, but shows an ugly message box saying "Cannot open add-in for editing," and that box appears once for each add-in that is active in Excel. We have three active add-ins (that is, 'Analysis toolpack', 'Analysis Toolpack - VBA' and 'Solver'), so when the second instance of Excel gets launched, it spits out three identical message boxes, one after another, and I have to click Ok three times, after which Excel appears to be fine (but in fact, it could randomly crash when you try to close it).

    Now, if I launch the second instance of Excel by right-clicking the now-expanded taskbar button and selecting "Microsoft Excel," or by going to the All Programs menu, clicking my way through the tree and launching it from there, it works fine and shows no ugly boxes. Makes me suspect that it's the Shift which Excel is monitoring for when it's starting, and tries to make something different if Shift is pressed.

    What gives? How do I launch several instances of Excel in a way that is at least as handy as the Quick Launch bar was? I'm not going to right-click the thing every time I need another instance.

    I'm not posting this to an Excel forum because I genuinely believe it's a Win7 problem, not an Excel problem: In my opinion, it is absolutely valid for a program to behave differently when a certain key is pressed while it is being launched, and with the new Win 7 UI it's suddenly not possible?

    Monday, September 13, 2010 10:30 PM


  • Hi

    Unfortunately, it is an Excel problem.

    Both Excel 2003 and 2007 have had problems with the new Taskbar in Windows 7.

    I know that these issues have been escalated, but have not heard about an ETA on a hotfix to resolve the issues.


    Ronnie Vernon MVP
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