What does a successful http://localhost:13287 on Fast Search Server Look like ? RRS feed

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    Sharepoint and Fast Search are on separate 2008 R2 servers with the SQL database on Sharepoint.

    I am struggling to find information  "Query Service Location" and how to bug fix it. Port 13287
    Sharepoint (separate server) can't see the service, so the scope of this post is purely verifying / getting going.

    This port does not appear in the bindings for the IIS "FastSearchAdminService" or "ResourceSTore" Sites.
    "nctrl status" confrims all running.

    >> So perhaps http://my-fastsearch:13287/ is not meant to work as xml and trying to use a browser is invalid ? and i have been spending all these hours on the wrong track ?

    Now a http://localhost:13280/ works, so does this mean by implication, the 13287 query system works ?

    >> How does one confirm 13287 works and what are the steps to troubleshoot this ?
    (remember sharepoint can't connect to it)


    More info is here

    Saturday, October 29, 2011 7:30 AM


  • Closing this because i got the connection working.

    I am assuming successful use  http://localhost:13280/  assumes part of the system is working.

    Note to MS : The documentation needs to be clearer and have some troubleshooting info.


    Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:00 AM