I bought my computer, bought Office 365, logged into my Live account, but both the email and telephone were out of date. RRS feed

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  • Instead of sending the activation code to my sign-in email, it was sent to my reserve email, which no longer exists on the system, I sent the new telephone number, this has been changed, but I am still not able to open any of my Office applications. Yet I will be charged the renewal from the date I put in the product key. When one has a product key and then signs in to Live, why does this then not activate? Why when you have changed to my new telephone number, have you not sent me an activation code? With my reserve email dead, you do not allow me to change it. The only other email I use is Gmail, they are much better than Windows Live, I only use Windows Live to allow me to put new programmes onto my computer, and as usual ten days later I have no use of the programme I bought. So typically Windows. I have used you since the day you began, what went wrong? You used to function once. These last years have been hell. I wish I had bought an Apple computer and changed everything to Apple. Each time I buy a new laptop these same issues come up. Please give me access to the Windows Office 365 I bought and put on my computer.

    Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor-Sezibwan-Rurikovich-Schiewe.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 6:29 AM


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