Is there a reason why a Manager has a trailing ; on Email Notifications? RRS feed

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  • When sending Email notifications to Helpdesk when a user's contract ends we include the name of the Manager as part of the Email body.

    The body looks something like:

    User Account Terminated [//WorkflowData/Today]
    Name:  [//Target/FirstName] [//Target/LastName]
    Employee Number:  [//Target/EmployeeID]
    User ID:  [//Target/AccountName]
    Email: [//Target/Email]
    Manager:  [//Target/Manager]

    But the //Target/Manager on the notification seems to resolve to Manager's display name plus a trailing ;   e.g. Smith John;

    Looking from the Portal view of the user. The Manager attribute is an underlined Smith John with no ;

    Monday, October 8, 2012 1:41 PM