Maximum Number of Filter Items in PQ RRS feed


  • Hi Karaoan. From reading your post in the Analysis Services forum, it seems like your question is about how many unique values can be displayed in the AutoFilter UI for a given column. Initally we display the unique values from the first 1000 rows (or the first 200 if getting the first 1000 rows is taking too long). If you hit "Load more", we'll display up to 1000 unique values (note that getting this list can involve traversing the entire data set). But this doesn't limit what you're allowed to filter. If you click the "Text Filters" submenu, you can get a filter dialog similar to what you find in Excel that allows you to do custom filtering and type in any value you want.

    The number of filter items that can be processed by a query is a different question and isn't subject to the above limitations.


    Monday, June 8, 2015 6:07 PM