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    kindly help me if you can. an invisible error has blocked half of my office work. details are below.......

    we have an accounting software and server in the head office. from head office all the users get connects with it through LAN and all is working fine. our warehouse is away from head office and for use this software in warehouse the software company gave us facility of web access of it for this we get a static ip . FYI we have to use internet explorer compulsory to open this software through web  add this static ip to compatibility view. up to entering the software and adding new entries is ok, but when we try to get print here is problem. if i open it from one pc the os windows 7 and IE is version 9 its working. if i opens it from another computer with same specification it does not works. normally way of printing via web is that it gave you an output file in excel or pdf format you save it to on your pc and later print it. but on most of the computers what happens when i gave it a path for pdf file the software try to create a file but the size of file does not exceed from 0 kb and it gets remove itself.

    i tried my best to find out the real problem but cant. the software company says if its our software fault it will not create output file on any pc , in fact i created on some of them and does not works on some of them so the problem is either in IE or your window or anything else.......

    Tahir Mehmood

    Friday, October 13, 2017 1:27 PM

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  • add this static ip to compatibility view

    Why?  Compatibility view means you are using IE5 emulation with an IE7 User-Agent.  Try not using that and if necessary find a better emulation via the Developer Tools.

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Saturday, October 14, 2017 3:34 PM
  • Dear Mr. Robert Aldwinckle

    actually when the software company representor came to our office, he did this when he wrote the ip address in url the software does not opened, then he opened the compatibility view setting and add this static ip address to that. later when he opens again it works.......but from one system where ie8 version was running it works but on another system where ie11 was it does not worked. on another system where ie11 was installed it works there as well.

    actually from the software when i send an pdf printer if it shows file name with & and on end of file name written (redirected). below is snipping tool capture.

    here you can see redirected ahead the pdf printer when is this format then is ok when the redirected is not written then it does not works. i don't know exactly either problem is in pdf printer or accounting software or i am using inproper version of IE.

    Thanks for your assistance

    Tahir Mehmood

    Saturday, October 14, 2017 6:57 PM