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  • Since September 2008 I have been having MAJOR issues with my iTunes and this lovely program called Vista 64 bit version.  The two programs are not compatible AT ALL. Originally I lost my CD Rom drive due to the two programs not working together. That finally got fixed, and then I wasn't able to create CDs or upload CDs into iTunes--that program still didn't recognize the CD Rom drive. So I called Apple, they told me to call Microsoft, I called Microsoft, they told me to call Hewlett Packard, so I spent 2 hours on the phone w/ tech support at Hewlett Packard since that's the manufacturer of my PC.  They tried uninstalling iTunes, but were unsuccessful. For some reason, I'm not able to uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support from my PC.  I've tried pretty much everything. Everything else (I believe) from iTunes or related to iTunes has been removed except for the Apple Mobile Device. I'm not able to download iTunes because I get the error message stating that the older version can not be removed.  I've spent the last 3 months going back and forth w/ HP trying to get the older version removed, and am getting no where.

    1. I do not know how a company can make a program and not do any quality control testing on it especially since iTunes is such a widely used program.
    2. I don't know why no one is willing to help.  I called Apple, they say it's Windows issue, I called the Window's tech support, they told me to call HP. 

    Please help!  I didn't buy a new computer, and iPod, and an iPhone not to be able to use any of them, and I'm tired of the run around. I would really like it if someone could help. 

    When I go into uninstall programs, the Apple Mobile Device Support program is listed in the window. However, when you click on the program, it does not allow you to uninstall it.  I have gone through many different steps from HP's website, Apple's website, and now I'm seeing if someone at Microsoft can help.

    I appreciate your time! Thanks.

    Saturday, April 4, 2009 8:40 PM