Client boot error.


  • I am using WDS (Server 2008) and MDT (2012) and I want to deploy XP SP3 to a Dell Optiplex 7010.

    My XP image works fine with older Optiplex models, but I get a NTLDR error with the Optiplex 7010.
    After PostInstall and then Restart Computer (from Task Sequence). Then the OS wont boot, I get the ntldr error.

    I have tried the drivers on a working Optiplex 7010 with XP. So the drivers shold be ok.

    Any ideas?

    And I also want to ask, is there anyway to log the progress of the deployment? So that I can see why my
    Optiplex 7010 doesn´t boot after the first restart.

    Friday, March 15, 2013 11:16 AM

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