How to get data attribute of object tag from ACtive X control RRS feed

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    I am writing an Active X control using MFC for IE which can be used using <object > tag. Under object tag there is 'data' attribute which is of URL type and gives the resource/file that can be used by the control. My expectation is that IE should download the resource/file and tell me the location to use the file .I have following questions here.

    1) Is this is right expectation that IE is going to download data or Control should download the data?

    2) If this right expectation then how can I got the path of downloaded data from 'data' attribute?

    MFC template derives the control from  COleControl which implements all required interfaces like IPersistStreamInt etc to get the required information about the downloaded URL. I read lots of documentation where it seems that this class implements all required interfaces to get the data but I am not able to get that information. I tried to implement the IPersistMoniker as additional interface but that interface is also not being used by IE to inform the URL data. Please advise me to how to get the data.



    Sunday, October 12, 2014 11:29 AM

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