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  • Hi All,

    I few monthes ago we had to setup MOSS2007 SP2 as our local Intranet site in quite a rush, now we are going to require a DEV site (we had a server built) to be built that will mirror our Production Server in order for us to test.

    Our Prod (Windows 2003)helder Server is called : sharepoint.myPRODserver.com
    Our Prod Databases our located on: OurProdSQL

    Our Dev Server is called: devsp1.myDEVserver.com
    Our Dev Databases our located on: OurDevSQL\Dev

    So what i've tried and have had no success, was going to our Prod Server:

    SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration > Operations > Perform a backup > Choosing our Sharepoint - 80 Web Application which also selects our Content Database of WSS_Content

    and backing up to a network share called \\server\backups\SharepointProd

    Once the backup is complete with no errors I go to our DEV server:

    SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration > Operations > Restore from a backup > Choose the backup location of \\server\backups\SharepointProd
    on the next screen choose my backup to restore select the options available to me to restore (from above)

    I then for the Restore options I leave it as New Configuration as i dont it to point to any prod databases or servers.

    under new names for the New Web Application URL i select the one already created when the DEV site was built which is devsp1.myDEVserver.com
    and for the Application name i just use "Default Web Site" for the database information i fill in:

    New database server name: OurDevSQL\Dev
    New Directory Name: E:\devdata
    New Database Name: prod_dev_WSS_Content

    After the restore successfully completes I go into:

    SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Content Databases > Make sure that devsp1.myDEVserver.com is selected. From there i see 2 content databases, 1 from when the server was built by our network admin called dev_WSS_Content and the one I restored called: prod_dev_WSS_Content.

    I then proceed to remove the content database called dev_WSS_Content , but once i do that and I try to go to devsp1.myDEVserver.com i get a 404 error? If i attach the content database backup again that site loads again (with all the default information from when the dev site was created)

    Not sure what i'm doing wrong so if somebody could help it would be greatly appreciated:

    So Overall I need My Prod SharePoint site to be mirrored on our DevSharepoint box, and obsiviously keeping the prod db and dev db separate.



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  • Hi,

    Its the order of the ContentDbs were added... Your current DEV ContentDb has to be deleted from the WebApp prior to adding the restored PRD ContentDb to the DEV WebApp An easier method in the future would be to use SQL and peform the BU in PRD OurProdSQL, then restore in DEV OurDevSQL\Dev from CA remove the current DEV ContentDb and Add the now restored ContentDb, iis reset. However, you should be able to delete both ContentDbs from the DEV WebApp then add the restored PRD ContentDb again and if everything else is equal it will work..



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