Can't install most things or uninstall in Windows 7 - SQL Server most recently


  • I have had problems with Windows 7 since Microsoft techs literally ruined my system. This was all a result of trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I have kept track of the time spent with techs and it is at 51 hours now. I gave up and just have had to reluctantly accept that I cannot install anything on this piece of $##$ operation system. Occasionally I will try any way. Simple things will install but anything at a certain level will not including Windows updates. This is one of the things the techs were working on and failed miserably at doing. I was not able to install or uninstall Skype for a long time and finally I tried some app that someone recommended that was supposed to fix installation problems with Windows 7. It was a download from Microsoft. I was able to install the newest version of Skype after that, although I prefer the old one, I can't trust Microsoft or this operating system to even try to install the old one now. 

    Today I decided to try to install SQL Server 2014 Express. It was going through and looking like it was working. But at some point, just like always, it stopped and had an error. It looked like the same error I always get when trying to install something. It was error 2203. I went to uninstall it through Windows uninstall program but that would not work either and also came up with an error. This again, is typical of the problems I have had with this worthless operating system. I am thinking about looking into a law suit because this has been going on for 2 years and they cannot fix my system. I went to the trouble to snail mail a letter to Microsoft telling them about all the problems I have had. I very specifically told them I wanted an American tech to work on this now. I told them NOT to just sent this to the usual tech support in India or other Philippines etc. So some time after sending the letter, I get a response from guess who? A tech in the Philippines. Arrrrgggg! I think 2 years or more of not being able to use my computer normally is way, way out of line and that Microsoft should take responsibility for their blunders. 

    In the mean time, knowing how inconsiderate and irresponsible they are....I want to see if anyone has any ideas about this problem. Please let me know.

    Thank you!


    Thursday, April 19, 2018 8:09 PM

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