Team Assignment Pool + Resources RRS feed

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  • My organization has recently installed PWA 2013. We have some questions around best practices for managing resources and using the team assignment pool.

    1. Why would you or wouldn't you want to set up Teams in PWA 2013? I have found information on how to do this, but not why you would or would not.
    2. We are wanting to use this tool for capacity management for our division. Are there any do's or don't's we should be aware of?
    3. Is there a way to have the named resources roll up to a generic resource? For example, if we have three project managers the generic project manager role would have 300% availability and then display all of the projects that all of the team members are working on? We were lead to believe this is how the system would work, but I am completely missing how this is supposed to be set up.

    Monday, November 14, 2016 8:43 PM