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  • I'm a bigginer in SharePoint, I don't know if this is the right place to put my question but anyway...

    My company already have a SharePoint and i want to know if that could help me with my daily tasks to reduce effort

    I have a multible Excel sheets where it needs to be updated daily, weekly, monthly by my customers.

    I'm currently using the oldway where i send files to each of my customers manually using email, and expect them to update it and send it back but i end up with many versions of any single document.

    How can i use SharePoint to let my customers edit the same document i have without reuploading a new version of a file where i also can know who edited it and either rejcet it or approve any modification.


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  • Hi iFaden,


    You can upload the Excel sheets to a SharePoint library which your customer can access and edit the excels.


    For Excel version and approval control, you can enable the version control and content approval option via library versioning settings, which can record each modification and the control approval, means that modification (draft version) couldn’t be seen by others until the modified Excel is approved by the user with administration permission.

    You can also enable the Require Check Out option which allows only one user to edit the Excel at one time, there is a relevant article.


    For email sending to your customers, you can create a workflow attached on this library using SharePoint Designer, when you add a new Excel to document library, it will trigger a workflow to send an Email to your customers with the current item URL in email body ( here ),

    Or you can let each customer to subscribe Alert under Action menu in library toolbar, it will send the email alert when there are changes on library item. Or administrator can add all needed customers from Alert Me for them per this article.



    Regards, Daniel
    Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:25 AM