Synchronize with Robocopy causes crash-too many processes


  • Hi,

    I wanted to compare the performance for synchronizing Cubes with Robocopy and Synchronize-wizard.

    I used the Robocopy Sample script from sqlcat and executed it. Within a second he showed me the command prompt again.

    At first I thought: Wow! That's fast. But then I realized that the server hung up. I was able to connect to the server via a different user and then I saw that there were over 4000 cmd-Processes!!! The Server is Windows Server 2012 R1 and I read that the default Robocopy command uses 8 Threads as default->wouldn't this be max 168 Processes?

    Then I changed the script for testing purposes and used only the two first copy commands and set /MT:4. Again there were a lot of processes.

    So, what I am doing wrong? Can anyone help me?

    Thursday, April 17, 2014 1:02 PM