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  • Apparantly nobody has come across this before, because I can't find anything anywhere about it :-(


    I have a brand new Toshiba laptop, Satellite P200-14U.

    Originally with Vista Home Premium, but since I had to use it in an MS Windows 2003 AD Domain I had to install Vista Business on it instead. I grabbed the drivers off Toshibas site and got to it. I have some issues with which Bluetooth stack I should use, MS or Toshiba's own. They have somewhat different functionality, but both should be stable and work ok.


    Anyway, I get random BSODs caused by something called Bad_Pool_Handler.

    It dumps memory into files in the minidump folder (I have forwarded them to Toshiba's support for evaluation). Though I don't understand anything in them so I am totally lost.


    I don't know if I need to replace some drivers or configure something differently. As I said I am using the most current drivers from Toshiba.


    In my eyes it is totally unaceptable that any normal software (like an extension-packed Mozilla Firefox) should be allowed to crash a mission critical operating system like Vista Business, so I am hoping that someone has a clue on what the REAL problem is.


    The system has died on me 4 times today, but not once since I stopped using Firefox, about 2 hours ago. So, right now I am almost wishing for it to crash to show me it isn't related to Firefox :-(


    What else can I do?

    Sunday, July 15, 2007 9:12 AM

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  • hi there ,

    i would like to ask you something before we turn to troubleshooting, did you fully format your laptop before intalling Vista Business ?

    now if you did then its ok, otherwise i would like to ask did you had a Antivirus on your system. if yes then you should try removing that AV and installing it again.. if you have any printers or Webcam like (external imaging devices) then remove the software for them.. now try to insert the Windows Vista DISC(probably DVD) in to the drive and run the repair wizard.. i think this would solve your problem..


    also try to clean your registry by a good registry cleaner software, that supports Vista..


    if not then answer my questions above and if possible then post your software and hardware list or error log file ...


    have a nice time..



    Sunday, July 15, 2007 1:27 PM
  • Hello, Shantau.


    No I didn't format it.

    I did turn off the pre-installed Norton Internet Security.

    I've done TWO fresh installs of Vista Business on the system.


    The reason I can say they are "fresh" is that Vista doesn't overwrite the old system and mixes the files. It renames the old Windows dir to Windows.old and creates a brand new one for the new install. All drivers have to be reinstalled and the same for all programs. Nothing is preserved. As far as I know, at least.


    The laptop does have a built-in webcam in the lid. That software is installed now. I didn't have to install any drivers, because Vista already recognised the device, but to use the device the software had to be installed. I haven't used it at all during this new install.


    The BSODs just kills my system when I doing regular things: Having Firefox do some downloads with the DownThemAll! extension and using FlashFXP for another download, while surfing around, with Outlook checking mails. Basically, I'm just using the system.


    Again, I am sad to say, it hasn't crashed since I stopped using Firefox before posting this yesterday :-(


    Software list:

    Vista Business

    Office 2007



    Total Commander

    Pidgin (previously called GAIM) - this was installed AFTER the BSODs!

    SonyEricsson PC Suite (I have an SE K800i and a K610i which I use both with USB and Bluetooth).

    Adobe Reader 8



    MS ISA Firewall Client


    and most of Toshibas programs:




    FlashCards utility



    Here's a dirlist of the installed programs and drivers:


    acsil-vista-20002-sv.zip 1655751 2007.7.9 17:43.34
    assist-vista-20003-sv.zip 3008206 2007.7.9 17:44.12
    bios-140-awin.zip 1860188 2007.7.9 17:44.32
    blt-mon-vista-301.zip 1819026 2007.7.9 17:44.54
    camsoft-vista-10.zip 21279644 2007.7.9 17:46.14
    confree-vista-70024.zip 23899568 2007.7.9 17:48.46
    display-vista-9759.zip 53057623 2007.7.9 17:57.48
    driver_flash_media_25421B.exe 6231184 2007.7.10 14:50.22
    fcsu-vista-14902c.zip 4065592 2007.7.9 17:58.40
    pwdutil-vista-14902c.zip 8446784 2007.7.9 18:4.34
    sdutils-vista-17.zip 11429577 2007.7.9 18:6.32
    tfmc-vista-101x06-sv.zip 9484173 2007.7.9 18:10.22
    thws-vista-14903c.zip 6926545 2007.7.9 18:1.6
    tpdrv-vista-91140.zip 5467721 2007.7.9 17:42.54
    util_tvap_26084A.exe 23836344 2007.7.10 14:49.16
    wlan-intel-3945-4965-v1110100-vista32-64.zip 4884427 2007.7.9 18:8.32


    They can all be found on the Toshiba website for my laptop.


    Now, I need to post this, so Idon't lose all the info in a crash :-(


    Monday, July 16, 2007 6:40 AM
  • When it comes to log files, what do you want and where can I find them?

    I have the dumplogs that are autosaved in \windows\minidump.

    I don't know what other logs are available/relevant.



    Monday, July 16, 2007 6:43 AM