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  • I need a subject matter expert who can perform an analysis on performance monitor data sets.

    Background:  We have collected performance monitor data sets on four different computers. The data sets represent an eight hour work day on each computer.

    Location 1.  Two computers.
    Location 2.  Two computers.
    All four computers are used for the same exact purpose.  The computer users are department of motor vehicle clerks who transact new car titles and title renewals.  
    DMV staff utilize an application (new) which was deployed by State of XX. Application was developed by 3x.  Application (web based) is hosted at State of XX.
    Each computer has a (application name) fat client installed which is essential to sending and receiving data from the State hosted motor vehicle application.
    Issue:  Transactions between the client computer and hosted web app are faster in the morning than in the afternoon.  Therefore, we collected the data sets and need them analyzed to determine if the root cause of the difference in transaction speed has anything to do with the client.

    I know what your thinking...sounds like a latency issue due to bandwidth.  Forget that.  We have had multiple SME's review the connection from both of the two separate locations to the hosted application.  Furthermore, technical staff from the State of XX have done a complete analysis of our infrastructure and connectivity from all points...and our infrastructure passed with flying colors.    I've looked for days in an attempt to find a complete listing of W7 Perf Mon performance counter explanation...of what each performance counter measures.  I realize an explanation of what each performance counter measures is available within the Perf Mon application by clicking on "show explanation" however an electronic version of all those explanations would be most valuable. 

    Request:  We don't have the expertise to perform an in-depth analysis of the four performance monitor data sets. It is critical that we have these data sets analyzed by a SME who can tell us if the data sets point to a clue as to why transactions between the client computer and hosted web app are faster in the morning than in the afternoon so we can provide that expertise analysis of the counter data to the people who spent 40 million developing the application and another xxx million implementing the application in 102 county offices throughout the State of XX.  By the way, the State of XX provided the computing hardware being used by all DMV staff. The State of XX even brought two HP (prestine out of the box) computers to the two different locations mentioned above and concluded "hardware was not the issue."  However the root cause of transaction latency being higher in the afternoon than in the morning remains.  Furthermore, many "experts" have examined how the application is hosted, examined all db's involved (SQL db's) and concluded "nothing wrong there."  So, does anyone have a recommendation how or who I can engage to perform an in-depth analysis of the four data sets captured on the four computers.  My next step is to open a support incident with MS (I have the ability to do that by virtue of our EA/SA) however, I thought I would post this on the forum first.   BTW, nobody believes the OS is the root cause. However, we must eliminate all possibilities so at the end of the day, the only remaining cause of the latency is the design/configuration of the 40 million application. That said, the vendor 3x has taken the posture that "it is not the 40 million app" which is at fault. Therefore, our hunt for the root cause is ongoing. Eliminating one thing at a time until nothing is left but the app / design  / config  itself.


    Sunday, July 22, 2012 2:49 AM

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    For this kind of requests, considering we need more professional and efficient support to help you analyze the related log or data,  it is recommended to open a case in Microsoft Support directly.


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    Monday, July 23, 2012 7:17 AM