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  • I have a huge IMS, and many of the tasks are to make available during a certain period of performance crane lift services and then forklift services. So Summary is the Support Task Name then indented below that is Provide 250 crane lifts service and line under that is provide 250 forklift lift services. The customer may or may not use all the lifts but they can ask for them anytime they want and we have to be ready. How can I set up a schedule that captures # of lifts available and used and ESPECIALLY to keep me from appearing behind?

    If no lifts are used then my progress is showing me as behind  since the %work complete remains at zero and yet their are actual values on the labor side under actual work???

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014 7:53 PM

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  • nina91x,

    It sounds like you have two elements for each crane and forklift service, namely, a labor component that perhaps prepares, delivers, services, etc. each piece of machinery and a material element which is the machine itself. You could create labor and materials resources to correspond to each of those elements, but Project doesn't allow you to set a max on a material resource, so creating a material resource for the cranes and forklifts probably isn't going to work.

    What you really need, at least as I interpret it, is a combination schedule (to track your labor) and a spreadsheet (to track your machines). I suggest you only list the labor elements as performance tasks in your schedule. For example, under the Support summary line, you might have separate tasks for, Service cranes, Prepare cranes for delivery, Deliver cranes, Retrieve cranes, and likewise for the forklifts. Then, instead of creating or assigning the machines as a resource, customize a couple of extra fields (e.g. Text1 and Text2) to track the number of machines that are used and available. For example, if the Text1 field is renamed "Cranes/Forklifts Used", you could enter into that field the number the customer currently has at his jobsite. I would enter that value in the Text1 field for the Deliver cranes task. The labor for that task is the truck drivers time to make deleveries and it would be tracked as any normal labor task. Rename the Text2 field as "Cranes/Forklifts Available" and customize that field with the formula: IIF([Text1]>"0","250"-[Text1],""). As data is entered into the Text1 field, the Text2 field will automatically calculate the remaining inventory. See the screenshot below.

    Using the above structure you will be tracking both labor and machines and the machine usage will have no impact on progress.

    Hope this helps.


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    Tuesday, September 30, 2014 10:03 PM
  • John,

    I like it except they are also furnishing the operators, so basically we have several small work items. Each for the support of a teaming partner who will get say 32 crane lifts and 32 forklift lifts for the period of performance say 10/15/14 to 03/21/14. Somehow during the POP I need to track what number they have used.  The cranes and forklifts have no delivery or removal involved because they are at the location normally. All support services are requested in advance. I don't know when during that POP they will want them also so the schedule duration is tracking us at % that is usually far greater than the progression or work completed % which is ruining our EVMS.

    Monday, October 6, 2014 2:26 PM
  • nina91x,

    Okay, so it sounds like the customer either has their own machinery or they get the machinery elsewhere and your company simply does support. Either way, if you want to track the number of machines used, you will need to use a custom number or text field as I outlined.

    I put together my example based on what I thought may be the scenario. If that is not correct, then you will need to explain in more detail exactly what your plan looks like. A screenshot would probably help a lot.


    Monday, October 6, 2014 3:02 PM
  • John,

    I wasn't able to post the image because its saying I need to confirm my e-mail but I haven't received the e-mail they are speaking of. I work on a PIER, we have a huge job on one ship. It's scheduled to the micro and fully resourced. Half of the tasks on my schedule are certain support tasks. What it is are other companies that need to get their equipment, material or anything up onto the ship. We have a few of these jobs where there is a certain Period of performance and we provide temp services on the pier for them. 250 Crane Lifts or 250 Forklift Lifts, electricity, etc. The cranes and forklifts are already on the pier so no add'l labor costs there. Until they decide to start the job the duration of the POP ticks away, bringing down our Earned Value Metric System. It shows % complete at like say 20%, but physical complete is 0%. They haven't used any crane lifts yet... We take 1% just so we don't fall behind so much in the schedule.

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 1:44 PM
  • nina91x,

    A couple of comments. First, if your work doesn't start until you actually provide services, then why isn't the start date of your plan the date that you start providing services? At that point you would drive your stake into the ground (i.e. set the baseline) and start tracking earned value metrics. Second, have you considered using physical percent complete as your EV parameter? Right now it sounds like you are using the default percent complete.


    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 4:14 PM