Subproject showing as sperate project in OLAP cube RRS feed

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  • 2007 SP2


    I have a Master Project with several subprojects inserted as read only projects. I have published the master and all looks good in PWA. But I am see some odd behavior in the Data Analysis views. The Master appears in Project Level 02, and if I expand to Project Level 03, I can see all the subprojects that are inserted, except for one. One of the inserted subprojects is showing in Project Level 02, like it is not part of the master. PWA -> Project Details show the project as a subproject (the link for expanding the project shows in the Master Project details).

    I have tried to delete the subproject from the published database and republish the master and rebuilt cubes. Each time the one project (always the same project) shows outside of the master only in the cube data. I combed over both the subproject and the Master Project to find differences from other inserted subprojects.

    Has anyone seen this behavior? Could someone provide some insight to why this is happening? I think it is just an option somewhere, but I cannot find it.



    Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:13 PM


  • Order of operations is critical to solving this issue.

    First I had to delete the subproject in question.

    Next, under Tools -> Options -> on the Calculation tab is an option "inserted projects are treated like subtasks". This should not be selected for subprojects, but should be selected for the Master Project.

    Then the subproject needs to be deleted from the master project, then reinserted.

    Republish the master and there it is... sitting under the master in the OLAP cube.

    Another notable... Applies when Project does not calculate Actual Cost... When the Cost field is typed into, and then the task is marked 100% complete, the remaining cost does not go to $0. This will double count these tasks in the rolled up calculation. However, the Cube does not double count these Remaining Costs for tasks marked 100% complete. It will count ALL remaining cost even if the task is marked partially complete. So, Fixed Cost tasks that are marked 50% complete will show the full cost amount in the Cube. But when that task reaches 100% complete, the Cube shows $0 remaining cost.

    Hope this finds someone having similar issues and they beat their head against the wall less than I did...

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    Thursday, October 21, 2010 8:00 PM