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  • I built a new PC. Before I put vista on it i installed all software hardware and Win XP fully updated. I then used the vista advisor to see what problems would be there. 4 hardware possible problems showed and 6 software possible problems. I then downloaded all the vista updates to a seperate drive. Then I cleared my main drive and installed windows vista(full OEM version).

    To start off it took 4 tries to install it before it finally installed. Then after i had it installed I started putting my periferal hardware on and software. Then problem after problem started.

    GLITCH: If you use the vista advisor to check all your current updated items things might work with a vista update not full install, but if you reinstall everything from scratch in the original form, I got the notice when trying to update software and hardware im trying to install to an operating system other than windows. Basically, if vista advisor recognized a fully updated win xp device or software, but after you install vista you cant use the win xp drivers and updates anymore because the individual companies put a non windows block in their win xp drivers updates(many dont have vista drivers yet). I have had nothing but crashes and programs doing things they are not supposed to do.

    I have come to the conclusion VISTA is much like millenium was(bad from onset). I am left with Im gonna reformat, and install win xp to my system, because the OEM doesnt allow an update and after spending 200 on vista, im not buying just another update. Im gonna sell this on EBAY and wait till all the bugs are out and then get the update rather than the oem. Microsoft-You dropped the ball again in yer zealous hurry.

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 4:35 AM

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  • Hi mrcjdz1

    Microsoft Vista is a very buggy operating system which seems to have been rushed by microsoft. I would recomend changing back to Windows XP as had same problem when work computers were upgraded. If this is like win 2000 microsoft should bring a new version out in a year or so compatible with old drivers and so forth, as 2000 was really a half way point to xp and trial version as well... i sugest if u need specific vista programs mac has some alternatives, otherwise do what i do de-grade to xp

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 9:43 AM