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    We've got a SCOM 2012 setup running 6 Management Servers. Also, I've got 3 separate CISCO UCS Managers I need to connect to this SCOM group. Based upon the documentation, it should be possible to limit the discovery of an UCS Manager to a specific SCOM Mgmt server by only distributing the account to that server. However, this doesn't seem to work, as I get alerts that the account is not distributed to other SCOM servers. After I distribute the account to the server generating the alert, the discovery runs OK (but on the wrong server as far as I'm concerned). Also, after discovery completes successfully, I should be able to monitor it from a specific SCOM Mgmt server by limiting the profile for that UCS Manager to a specific SCOM server. This also doesn't work, as then the monitored UCS Manager object turns white (not monitored).

    My questions are: has anyone managed to figure out how to make sure that the discovery runs on a specific SCOM Mgmt server? That would mean I wouldn't have to deal with the second question: Does anyone know why the method described in the documentation, with regards to moving the monitoring of an UCS Manager to a specific SCOM Mgmt Server doesn't work, and causes it to drop 'out of monitoring'?

    any other helpfull hints on how to make this MP 'play nice' would be much appreciated!

    Friday, January 11, 2013 2:00 PM


  • Pieter,

    The account created to manage Cisco UCS instances in SCOM 2012 should preferably be in Less Secure mode. Again, the classes used in the management pack are unhosted components so it will be managed by any of the management servers in the management group (in case on 2012, in case of 2007 R2 it was managed by RMS) so in this present situation you cannot target the MP to execute its discovery on some specific management server.

    I guess I understood your problem and I guess I answered it.

    Again, this forum is to deal with Microsoft products but your concern makes it specific to Cisco UCS MP. I suggest you to put this question on their forums.

    Hope this helps.


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