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  • I have a need to setup a custom list form that ties multiple list together by one common element and need a few suggestions as to how the experts would do this.

    First I have a main list called JOBS which is the foundation of all we do it is a complete list of all our jobs.Then we have other lists that relate to the JOBS list such as REVIEWS, BUILDOUT, PURCHASES etc....

    What I would like is a main view that on top has a field that I can type in called JOBID when entered would populate some read only display fields pertaining to that JOBID from JOBS.
    Just below that I would like to should some elements from a LIST called STATUS which also have a field in it called JOBID.
    then below that I would like to have buttons that represent all the other associated lists when clicked would bring up the associated records where JOBID = the JOBID entered above.


    Matt Pinkston
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  • For this kind of forms, you can create an application page which usually resides under the 12\Layouts folder.  It will be a standard ASPX page which will have a code behind assembly that retrieves all the data you require and bound to your controls in the web page.

    MSDN Sample : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb418732(v=office.12).aspx



    Regards Ranga www.sharepointfrontier.com
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