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  • Hey, Just a quick question,

    (Hope this makes sense)

    I currently have a UAG environment working (had previous issues with AAMS)

    So what i am trying to do is setup a CNAME record to go to the published Sharepoint website ... (is this possible, or will i have to configure and extra external ip and trunk)


    Trunk : trunk.testing.local.com

    Sharepoint 2010 App : https://blog.testing.local.com working :)

    If i create a CNAME record

    blog.local.com => blog.testing.local.com

    Attempt to access the site, Error 403.14 (Which i was expecting.)


    Now i realise i could just create the trunk at the .local.com level and then would be able to assign the 2 public names from there (tunk.testing and blog) but for reasons outside of my control i am not able to register any further host records at that level.


    What options do i have in this senario to get blog.local.com to load the blog.testing.local.com



    Thursday, October 6, 2011 5:12 AM

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  • Hi Michael.McLaren,

    CNAMEs is just a different way to resolve DNS-to-IPs and doens't have any impact on UAG.

    The more important point here is the "HOSTHEADER" value you are going to use.
    Basically a single trunk can publish as many "HOSTHEADERS" if you want, as long they span just a single DNS Domain.

    So this will work...

    Trunk: https://trunk.testing.local.com

    Sharepoint: https://blog.testing.local.com

    ... but this one wouldn't ...

    Trunk: https://trunk.testing.local.com

    Sharepoint: https://blog.local.com

    ... the reason for that is that UAG depends on Domain Cookies and those do only support a single DNS Domain.


    This posting is provided "AS IS" whithout any warranties. Kai Wilke | ITaCS GmbH | GERMANY, Berlin | www.itacs.de
    Thursday, October 6, 2011 7:42 AM