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  • We have an image that was not created by me but another party, and the problem I am having now is when I deploy the image using MDT 2012 Update 1, I get the "windows activation period is over" error with the "Activate windows online now" prompt before the OS is installed, I have edited the unattend.xml file that I used to deploy the image and added the SkipRearm=0 step to the xml file along but I still get the prompt and I also noticed that the CMIDS are not changing even after I select activate. I can add the slmgr /rearm and slmgr /ato to change the CMIDS in the task sequence but I really want to get rid of the "Activate windows online " prompt. I have run out of ideas, maybe the image was sysprepped 3 times already and the activation period can not be reset anymore, I'm not sure, but we activate with a KMS server and I do not specify any license key in the XML file, when I run slmgr /rearm and then slmgr /ato it activates fine and changes the CMIDS but I just want to get rid of the prompt, Please help, I have wasted so much time trying to make this work. Thanks in advance!!


    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 3:37 AM

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  • You can quickly check if you've re-armed too many times.

    cscript C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /dlv

    There should be a "Remaining Windows rearm count:" line that will tell you if your image has rearmed too many times.

    David Coulter | | @DCtheGeek

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Hi DC, Yes, I have ran that command and it tells me I have 1 rearm left but that is after I run the command, slmgr /rearm and then slmgr /ato, but that does not solve my problem of getting rid of the annoying "Activate windows online" prompt. Is their anything I need to add in the XML besides the SkipReArm=0? Thanks, Bobby
    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 4:10 AM
  • btw, not sure SkipRearm will do anything for you since that's only for the generalize pass and you are deploying the image, not capturing it.

    If the image is "stale" and wasn't rearmed properly in the first place, I'm not sure there is much you can do about that screen short of fixing it, and recapturing it with a rearm to ensure it's reset properly.  To make sure you don't hit the counter limit (3), I'd image a Virtual Machine with your current image, bypass the activation window, take a Snapshot (so that further changes needed don't decrease the counter any farther), then re-capture it with a proper generalize and try deploying that "updated" image.  Then, whenever you need to make a change, go back to your Snapshot in the VM, make changes, and make a new capture for deploying.  This allows you to use the image you are stuck with without getting stuck in a ditch over it.

    There may be other ways to do this (of course), and I'm sure someone far smarter than me will have a better idea. : )

    David Coulter | | @DCtheGeek

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 5:34 AM
  • Hi DC, Yes I have on a VM already, but is their anything i need to add to the xml besides security spp for the skiprearm=1 before capturing? Thanks, Bobby
    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 7:01 AM
  • Sort of hard to answer without knowing what's been done to the image before and what else is in (or is missing) from your Unattend.xml.  However, I would say that as long as you take a snapshot before Sysprep and Capture, that you shouldn't even include SkipRearm in the Unattend.xml.  You want it to rearm so that your image has the grace period for KMS to do the activation before showing that window.  And since you took a snapshot, you can revert the machine prior to it being rearmed, so never have to deal with the limit.

    David Coulter | | @DCtheGeek

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    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 2:42 PM