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  • This is the whole story so please bear with me as I recount the events that led me into this conundrum:

    1. A SharePoint Collaboration Site (parent) has 2 registered groups of users: Owners and Members.
    2. I am one of the Owners with [Full Control] access. Members only had [Contribute] access.
    3. Inside the parent site is a library with 2 folders (Folder 1 and 2). All library and folder permissions were initially inherited from the parent.
    4. Then I created unique permissions for the 2 folders, removing Owners and Members and placing my own individual User Account with [Full Control] and another individual user (Member X) with [Read] access.
    5. Member X complained he couldn't see the 2 folders.
    6. So I investigated and checked the permission for the library and folder. The folder permissions listed Member X as having [Read] access and me as having [Full Control] (the way I set it), but the library permissions in which the folders are contained listed both of us as having [Limited Access], along with Owners and Members.
    7. So I tried resetting the permissions on one folder first (Folder 1) by re-inheriting permissions of both library and Folder 1 from the parent site.
    8. After I applied those settings, the other folder (Folder 2), which still held individual user accounts in its permissions, disappeared from my view and from the view of all other Owners as well. I believe it is now floating somewhere in oblivion.

    I would like to recover Folder 2 by resetting its permissions. Any tips on how to do this would be highly appreciated.

    Friday, August 30, 2013 2:09 AM


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  • Ask your Site Collection Administrator fix the permissions for you. They have access to all sites, lists, libraries, etc in the site collection.

    Mike Smith TechTrainingNotes.blogspot.com my SP customization book

    Friday, August 30, 2013 2:34 AM
  • Nice, gotta love it. xD No solution here, but maybe you could start by applying the latest Service Pack(s) to your Office software; to eliminate at least, like, a potential cause (Windblow$ SPs, too); though I doubt that's what might've caused it.

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    Friday, August 30, 2013 2:51 AM