Internet Explorer Browser History sucks--Please improve it--Any suggestions in meantime? RRS feed

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  • Once again, I closed my IE11 at 2am to return at noon to find IE11 crashed again. I am so tired of all these upgrades to find that in the beginning of all of them they crash, like crazy. As a result, I had to close the browser immediately; and, therefore, I lost the ability to go up to that Tool button and scroll down to the "Reopen Last Browsing Session." Thanks, Microsoft, this happens on a regular basis for years where I lose all of my research tabs. I am so pissed that after all these years, not one browser system: Chrome, Firefox, Netscape or IE has made any real strides in improving the ability for someone to return to their browser history and open up their last browser session exactly as it was when it was closed, even if it was not the last time the browser was opened due to a crash or something else unforeseen.

    That ability to go up to the upper right corner and click on the star icon is a joke, also. Let's say you closed your browser at 2am and returned at noon, like me, you would think you could go right up to the "Today" history area and see exactly what was closed at 2am. No, that is not true, because many times I have had to go back to the day before section and read through sometimes hundreds of links, especially if I was really involved in some research, to find the ones I had opened when I closed the browser at 2am because, technically, they were opened the day before and IE history registers them under yesterday's day of the week even though the browser was closed under "Today."

    Please, please, please Microsoft wake up and get your tech design crew to come up with a better option than what is available to us research junkies, who are tired of sifting through hundreds of links in the browser history to figure out what was open when the browser was closed. Please, please, please. You will be the first because no tech geeks seem to find this an important area to fix, which surprises me to no end. I cannot be the only one that finds this happening to them. Let me know forum geeks what you think about this subject or you know of a program I can install to bypass this horrible IE browser history. Thank you for any suggestions.

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014 11:30 PM