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  • Hi guys. I have a problem I bought the HP Pavilion dv6000 Windows Vista, and I just downloaded Windows 7 on it. Is there anyway i can use the QuickPlay or just use the webcam to take pictures?? Is there any programs I need to download? 
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  • Hello there !
    Congratulations : unfortunately, you are now a full member of all those (including me !) who realize that HP are probably the only one company deliberately ignoring microsoft development in general and windows 7 in particular (most of their applications, not to say all of them are still referring to Vista !!!).
    Coming back to your question, I have checked and tried several so called "solutions" which I picked-up on the web, with a final result of having to re-install (several times !) the windows 7 system, and I have now definitely lost the "HP Webcam"  original driver (which didn't work anyways !)
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    Saturday, January 16, 2010 5:58 AM
  • I to am in the piffed off with HP club     and the lack of help with the webcam software that does not work after using the upgrade to win 7 , I have lost count of the phone calls to HP , hours and hours of searching for an answer 3 reboots ex ex ex  , and still no joy .  never again , should have gone Sony...;)  
    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:31 PM
  • HP Pavilion dv6000 windows vista webcam software, Webcam Fast Recording Patch download pages
    Monday, November 22, 2010 9:11 AM
  • Hi guys. I have a problem I bought the HP Pavilion dv6000 Windows Vista, and I just downloaded Windows 7 on it. Is there anyway i can use the QuickPlay or just use the webcam to take pictures?? Is there any programs I need to download? 

    you kno i have the same problem...........it sucks cuz i can't even use my webcam
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 12:54 PM
  • Here I go again, I'll just copy and paste my words from the HP website:

     For future reference of people having this issue, try going to Computer > Local Disk > Windows > Downloaded Installations. There should be one or more files consisting of letters and numbers similar to that of a registry file. Check them all and locate the application HP Product Detection. I found this by accident and it made my webcam work. If not found, install from here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RMQHJSHE

    It may not work right away, but the computer will sort of adapt to working it, from what I've noticed. Ever since I installed this thingamacrap, it started working. But every once in a while it comes up with the "one of the USB devices not recognized" excuse, then a while later works again. And by while I mean a few days. But I've also come to notice that its in a pattern, so maybe its something I do on my HP that ruins it. Mostly restarts and shut downs will stop it from working. If you've noticed that when the webcam isnt working one of the USB ports will not read anything you put on it, then we're somewhat on the same problem. When the cam works, so does the USB port. Just to be exact on what I did after installing the "HP Product Detection" thing, I went on my facebook and clicked on "Photos" in the share menu, then "Take a photo with a webcam" and noticed this thing fixed my webcam, til the next day again. No use. Every time the bottom right bubble with the "USB device not recognized" excuse popped up, it didn't work, as to when it didn't appear, the webcam worked fine, so pay attention to that.

    If this somewhat fixes your issue, or starts letting it work once in a while like me, please reply to me so that I know if it was this thing or my laptop itself. Good luck!

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:01 AM
  • This should be the web page for your notebook from the HP web site


    You can try to solve your hardware problem in two different ways:


    Luigi Bruno
    Friday, April 8, 2011 9:47 PM
  • I have the same problem. HP sucks for this...
    Thursday, August 11, 2011 7:01 PM
  • Give this download a try ... I think it is working for me.


    Saturday, February 25, 2012 11:03 PM
  • My same HP with system 8 has lost contact with the installed camera = even after it took my picture during my setting my Admin acc = last picture taken and now, even my newer YouCam can not open the  camera installed and in good order, but is see all the content I had on, when vista was left behind...

    As microsoft is suggesting I BUY a Skype Cam, I wonder if this is a secret $ grab, like buying ms video player that is/was part of all ms systems sold already paid for more then once...

    Friday, January 18, 2013 5:27 PM