VMWare OIP SOAP error


  • Hi,

    I am working to create some SCSM portal request offerings to automate some activities in our VMware environment using Orchestrator and the VMware Vsphere OIP.  As a fairly simple starting point I've been trying to automate taking a VM Snapshot and I've found an issue when trying to use any of the VMware activities from the integration package.

    When I step though the Runbook I've created using the runbook tester when it gets to the first VMware activity I get the following message:

    Required parameter password is missing
    while parsing call information for method Login at line 1, column 218
    while parsing SOAP body at line 1, column 207
    while parsing SOAP envelope at line 1, column 38
    while parsing HTTP request for method login an object of type vim.SessionManager at line 1, column 0
    Exception: IntegrationPackException Target site: ServiceBase.Design
    Stack trace at
    Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.VIQIK.ServiceBase.Design(IActivityDesigner designer)

    The activity I'm trying to get working is the Get VM List activity but I've tested with other VMware activities and they all seem to produce the same error.  It suggests p;erhaps the password configured in the VMware VSphere connection configuration is wrong but I've confirmed several times that the accxount credentials are correct and further when I configure the Get VM List filter I can use the ellipsis and am shown a list of values from our VMware environment which confirms to me that the connection configuration is correct.

    Despite this message the Get VM List completes successfully but returns 0 VMs.  It is filtered using "VM Path Contains {DNS Name from "Get Object (related Computer)"}"  The runbook tester shows that the "Get Object (Related Computer)" activity is "getting the VM that I expect it to and the DNS Name of that computer is an element of the VM Path in VSphere.

    I'm not absolutely certain but it seems a pretty reasonable assumption that the Get VM List is returning 0 VM's due to the error described above.  I've only found one other thread on TechNet that relates to this but there was no confirmed solution there:

    Any help understanding what is going wrong here and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 2:30 AM