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  • I've added RGY stoplights to my project using the Task Field Number3 and the formula and graphical indicators listed below. 

    Formula:  IIf([% Complete]<100,IIf([Finish]>(Now()+5),1,IIf([Finish]<=(Now()+5) And [Finish]>=Now(),3,IIf([Finish]<Now(),4))),2)

    Graphical Indicators:

    Is greater than or equal to  3  Red

    Is greater than or equal to  2  Yellow

    Is greater than or equal to  1  Green

    I have two support issues:

    1.  Column Stop Light (Number3) has been added to my Gantt Chart view.  In the Graphical Indicators window, I've selected the "Project summary" option for the Indicator criteria however the graphical indicators are being displayed on the individual tasks and not the Project Summary rows.  Each time I reopen the Graphical Indicators window the  Nonsummary option is selected and the Project summary option is not.  How do I resolve this?

    2nd:  How do I include the Stop Light field in a Project Overview Report? I've created a Project portfolio table that includes Fields:  Name, Finish, % Complete, Work.  Note I have Outline Level set to Level 1.

    Thank you



    Thursday, June 29, 2017 3:58 PM

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  • Steve_2017 --

    In the Custom Fields dialog, did you remember to select the "Use formula" option in the Calculation for Task and Group Summary Rows section?  That would be a first requirement to make sure the stoplights display on summary tasks.  In addition, in the Graphical Indicators dialog, you need to select the "Summary rows" option and then select the "Summary rows inherit criteria from nonsummary rows" checkbox.  You should also do the same for the Project Summary option as well.

    Regarding how to get the Stop Light field to display in a table in the Project Overview report, you can select the field containing the formula and stoplight indicators; however, Microsoft Project WILL NOT display the stoplight indicators in the report.  It will only display the underlying numbers calculated by the formula.  I do not see any way to work around this limitation.  Sorry.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Thursday, June 29, 2017 6:34 PM
  • Steve_2017,

    Dale answered your question but the formula you show doesn't work. First of all, there is no criteria for a "4" result and as written the formula will never give a "2" (yellow) result. I think what you probably want is the following:

    Number3=IIf([% Complete]=100 Or [Finish]>(Now()+5),1,IIf([Finish]<=(Now()+5) And [Finish]>=Now(),2,IIf([Finish]<Now(),3)))



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