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    I have some problems with one of my partitions,

    I have a 930 gb hard drive and its divided into one 75 gb and one 855 GB but I can't have access to my 855 gb, I tried some software such as partition recovery, data recovery till now none helped.

    Diskpart is not showing that missing 855 GB drive but disk management can show that missing 855 GB, but I can't assign a letter to it, and the only option is to delete that p

    volume and I have around 500 GB data on it and I can't afford to lose it. How can I fix it or at least retrieve my data from that drive ?
    I searched on internet about it and there were a lot of topics but actually none was helpful.

    Volume Fs is not NTFS or Fat32 or any other, instead it says OTHER,
    and some of partition recovery software can show that volume name, Is there a way to extract some of my data ? I know the folder names and locations. this will help a lot if only i could extract them..
    Only option in disk management is to delete it, but I need my data so it's not my option.

    How this happened, If that's important, I was trying to install a Linux and by mistake I messed with Boot loader and have "grub" installed on that drive, after that I lost access to that volume / drive. also I lost the OS that was on that drive, I tried to fix the boot loader, but it wasn't successful, so I removed Linux and installed windows on my 75 GB volume / drive.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2017 3:15 AM

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  • The problem that you have I am interested in learning from.  I had a recent problem with RAID 0 and a raw drive.

    While waiting for someone that may be able to solve your problem would you post some information about your drive (s).

    Can you open each disk management and file explorer this pc and post the two images into the forum?

    When you used administrative command prompt and diskpart can you edit then select all then edit again then copy then paste it (list disk, list partition, volume etc)

    Have you tried to remove the drive from your computer and place it into the secondary bay of another computer or use a hard drive enclosure?  If so was the drive unavailable, incompatible, or raw?  Were you also not able to see the needed folders/files using the operating system of another computer?  What if anything could you see?

    Tuesday, April 11, 2017 4:28 AM