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  • I have a SharePoint 2007 application that I publish through UAG 2010 SP1 and I’m having some issues since this particular application seems not to be reverse proxy aware.  The application has a home page with basically allows you to search for a project.  When I search for the project, by selecting criteria, I click on the Search button and a table is returned at the bottom of the same page.  The projects returned are hyperlinks that are pointing to internal URLs, I simply want to replace the internal host name on these URLs with the public host name and everything should work great through the UAG.  Using AAM everything should work but obviously there is something with this application that is preventing the URLs from being rewritten properly, this is probably fairly common.  This is my initial attempt try to get our legacy SharePoint2007 application to work through UAG 2010 SP1.  Also, I have read many of the documents referenced on the forums however I still don’t really know where to start.  Assumed is that internally I should pull up the source code on the page in question and determine how these links are being generated and then make some changes in the SRA configuration file located in my CustomUpdate folder.  Any assistance at pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated…


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