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  • Hello folks,

    Using MDT 2013, I have successfully created a deployment share to build/capture a reference image - and in turn - created another deployment share to deploy that captured image to computers.  All along, I've been using various TechNet articles and other online sources to learn how to do this.  Now I want to perform maintenance on the deployment image (e.g. Microsoft updates, modifications to the default user profile etc... ), however, I  can't seem to find anything online explaining the methodology to do so.  I know I'll need to do a sysprep and capture of the reference image, but I'm confused on what would be the "Best Practices" in doing so.  Can anybody here refer me to a guide/tutorial/reference material on image maintenance in MDT?  It can be a book or an online source....

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    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 5:11 PM

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  • Hello Adrian,

    Sorry I can't think of a source for you. I would say that for me I have found it best to make simple customization to the final deployment using the task sequence steps. For example: application installs, driver installs, windows updates, and running custom scripts. I keep the captured reference image as clean as possible. I only recapture the image every 6 months or so to apply windows updates.

    During the final "custom" deployment, I have the windows update task sequences enabled and I have a WSUS setup locally to apply the updates. Over time the updates can start taking a long time and that is when I update the reference image, which I also have the task sequence steps for windows updates enabled and WSUS.

    In certain situations, like let's say you have to deploy Microsoft Office on all your computers. It might make sense to do that in the reference image to save a lot of time during the final deployment.

    When I do recapture the reference image, I just take the new wim and overwrite the old wim using the same name. You can also delete and recreate the final deployment task sequence, importing the new wim in the process.



    Friday, May 27, 2016 6:55 PM