SURRENDER HELP? Have Toshiba PC Wind 8 Touch and desk feature 32 and 64, 2/19/2014 ??? RRS feed

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  • In OS (:C)  Have stupid amount of files that are not in proper places Run Win IE 10 IE browser and bing on touch screen for engine and google.com on the desktop of PC. Looks like files were torn apart, then new folders created. (Diff Areas)  check properties of file different from previous place. says read and no file path. says 0 files--etc.  Empty.  I open properties and there are lists of files  One file {{old windows, windows, $windows!, program file 32, program files 86,}} windows not updating auto.  I ran trouble shoot-   leak in one area but shows my PC no other real details.. says also missing MW 1 and Microsoft corporation 1.0 driver and that they can not locate.  A x64 file appeared -- where was before ???  no crashes, rest trouble shoot ok.  Critical and warnings  on task mgr.- Webroot Plus security disk - perform 99/100.  said today that location folders not found still 99/100 for performance.   Saw TRUSTED INSTALLER  one time, then gone. saved that file log. . Found that on task manager.  I looked yesterday and it had ACCOUNT OWNER ADMINISTRATOR and was set as access to all.   Toshiba PC win 8 64 x 32.  had since 11/1/2013.  Cant reregister.    Windows updates say file destination incorrect.  Fix and update.  then again same thing over and over   daily task!!!!! Purchase Best Buy as replace for Lenovo they could bot get a part for hardware so credit for this. Any Way to  uninstall windows 8 safely ??   Then reinstall ?  Had Windows installed by Best Buy with purchase and now wondering if they tried to install my old windows 8 from the Lenovo that had settings for Lenovo embedded in them.  Power Cord box part on cord very hot under 3 min so hard to keep charged.

    Geek Squad no help.  Take 4 - 5 months if ship to their people for fix.  That's ridiculous. 

    PLEASE HELP????  ANYBODY????    Thank  You     

    Is there anyway to uninstall

    Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:58 AM


  • Hi,

    Could you please clarify your problem you are encountering, I an not clear about your issue. Do you mean you want to uninstall Windows 8 system on your computer?

    Why not just reinstall it?


    Yan Li

    Regards, Yan Li

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    Tuesday, March 18, 2014 12:55 PM