Cannot create SSAS Grid or Chart pointing to a perspective RRS feed

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    I have a cube that is hidden to the users.  (We will call it Sales Cube)  The cube contains are two perspectives. (Perspective A and Perspective B)


    I've created a datasource to the OLAP cube.  In the "cube" drop down the two perspectives appear.  (As they should.  The actual cube does not appear since it is not visible)  I connected to the "Perspective A" cube.


    Now I create an analytic grid from the cube datasource.  I am able to drag the dimensions to the rows and series just fine.  The grid even displays with values.  But when I choose the Browse button and drill down on a dimension I get an error.  The same error occurs if I preview the report in a dashboard and then I drill down on a member name.


    The error is saying:


    System.ArgumentException: The 'Sales Cube' object was
    not found.


    It probably cannot find it because it is hidden.  Yet my data source is pointing to a perspective, not the cube.


    Is this a bug?  How can I create a analytic grid from a cube perspective.





    Monday, November 26, 2007 10:43 PM





    Although I am sure you have employed a workaround, I came across this post and wanted to address your question as to whether this is expected behavior. The performancepoint readme file does indicate that this is expected behavior.


    If you hide an Analysis Services 2005 cube that has perspectives, filters, analytic reports, and scorecards may not display data.


    When you are using filters, analytic reports, and scorecards that are based on Analysis Services 2005 cubes that have perspectives, and the "Visible" property is set to "False," your data source connection may not work, and error messages may occur.

    In Dashboard Designer, this issue may arise when you are using the Member Selector dialog box for analytic reports and scorecards, or when you are navigating the Details pane for these elements. In Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services, this issue may arise when users attempt to use filters or navigate within analytic reports or scorecards.

    Workaround:   Make sure the "Visible" property is set to "True" in the Analysis Services cube.





    Wednesday, January 9, 2008 8:55 PM