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  • Hello everyone! I am desperate.

    I manage updates from an Italian government agency, we have 1 downstream server and 7 replica servers.

    the main server with Windows 2016 and Wsus 10 download updates from Microsoft and the secondary with Windows 2012 R2 with Wsus 6 latest updated version download from this.

    For some days one of these Windows Server 2012 R2 I noticed errors when downloading several files.

    At this moment it is the 4 time I uninstall wsus on the replication server. I've deleted the whole update folder, the WID database, anything.

    The installation of Wsus is always successful, without an error, even the post install steps. I have also re-installed the 2 updates KB3159706 and KB3095113 again and correctly with the manual option

    Every time I synchronize updates, more than 7 GB of these are corrupted with CRC error. All other replication servers synchronize correctly without even an error from the same server. So they can not be damaged on the main server.

    I can not decline all these corrupt updates. There are too many and are necessary, among those malfunctioning there is also Windows 10 Fall Creators that instead I am successfully distributing from the other working server replicas.

    What should I do, do I have to reinstall the operating system? I ask for help, so far I have lost about 15 hours without success. I do not know what to check anymore. The other replica servers do not give me problems, but this is driving me crazy.

    Do you have any other suggestions that are not already present on all online forums?

    I thank infinitely who will help me.
    Sunday, March 11, 2018 6:51 PM