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  • I'm not sure what is happening here. I decided to replace a keyboard that was several years old and beginning to have keys physically stick.

    My first choice was a Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo. I liked the feel of the keyboard and I've always liked the Logitech program-ability. Unfortunately, for my needs, the keyboard did not work. I have a KVM I use to switch between my home and work computers. The 'scroll lock' would not perform the 'switch' between the two computers.

    Next I went to a Microsoft wired ergonomic keyboard. It works, but I am not comfortable with the layout AND it won't fit on my under desk keyboard shelf. The keys at the peak of the 'ergonomic bulge' keep hitting the underside of the desk. :(

    Moving to plan C, I have a laptop that I have an older Logitech wired keyboard attached to, so I switched the new wireless mouse/keyboard out with the wired keyboard from the laptop. Well the 'scroll lock' works, but another problem has reared its ugly head.

    My 'work' machine is running Vista Premium 64 and my 'home' machine is running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. On the Vista machine, I have NO, repeat NO (at least noticeable) problems. On the Win 7 machine EVERY keyboard I hook up (except this Macro$carf one) will routinely act like the keys are sticking. No particular key, just randomly it will either NOT respond or will act like it is still depressed and give me a long string of characters (or spaces).

    I then bought another wired keyboard with the same problem, keys keep putting out their 'value' (it is being returned on Sat, no way I'm going to a store on Black Friday). I reverted BACK to the original keyboard. Same story.

    I finally went back to the Macro$carf keyboard. No problem here.

    I've searched for a possible answer, but most are related to gaming (and I am not a gamer). One thing I thought I might have done was accidentally set the 'sticky keys' option, but that was not case (I mean this from a guy who somehow did the five steps to block an AIM buddy by accident can do any thing).

    What I am finding really 'interesting' is that as I look at the sequence of events, I am wondering if the issue isn't with the Macro$carf keyboard. Once installed it won't let any other brand keyboard work.

    Maybe I'm being paranoid, but the ONLY keyboard that is working properly now is built and sold by Macro$carf.

    So has anyone had a similar problem and if so what did you do to solve it.

    It is getting to the point there are very few wired keyboards left. Logitech has almost totally removed the 'scroll lock' key (now accessed through a function AND their tech support flat out stated "we don't support KVM's". The really 'cheap' keyboards I don't like the 'feel' of and the more expensive ones won't work now.

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  • I've noticed this issue with Windows 7, as well.  My vista works fine at home but I have windows 7 at work and the keyboard messes up frequently.  It won't type characters but instead brings up windows, doesn't type, etc.  Not sure why this is, though.  Haven't found any fixes yet.  But it does this with every keyboard I've tried and I know it happens on several other machines, as well, and all are windows 7
    Wednesday, February 16, 2011 5:14 PM