LocalGPO .msc File Import to Target Machine


  • Hello!

    Before anyone says join them to a domain, let's just assume that is not an option. So I hope we get that clear...

    Anyhow, need to create User level oriented Local GPO via MMC Console, save as Policy.msc, Network Share the file on Workgroup, copy the file to remote computer on network, and save the configuration to eliminate having to make each rule again. 

    I created the Local GPO and assigned to target user on local machine. Saved the console as Policy.msc and stored in a folder which became the Network Share for remote machines to use. Everything looks great and restrictions are in place.  Move on to next machine...

    Open mmc.exe > Add Snap In for Local GPO and assign user > ... now no import function. Crap, how can I get these changes applied. Okay lets just open the file >> Access Network Share > Copy file and paste on remote computer > Open File > .... no changes are even in the file, it's just a fresh Group Policy listings in their default state. 

    That's where I stand.
    I've read about copying the Group Policy folder in the systemroot\system32 sub directory. Aren't these computer wide changes? That would not be ideal. I'll test further but I am at a road block, scouring 

    Thursday, January 8, 2015 8:17 PM


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