Best Practices for using Authenticator App for Personal and Work Profile on Android RRS feed

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  • I was recently required to enroll my Moto G6 in "Android Work Profile" - I had been using Authenticator beforehand and Authenticator is an app available in the Work Profile - managed Play Store. I am trying to utilize the instance of Authenticator in the Work Profile for work related accounts and the previously installed instance (personal) for my personal accounts. For initial population of the Work Profile Authenticator accounts I chose to recover and used the cloud back account I had in place for the personal instance of Authenticator.  All accounts came into the work profile instance but this resulted in multiple Authenticator notifications for a single account usage request, I just removed the personal accounts from the work profile and vice versa. The first issue faced is that using the same cloud backup account for both instances of Authenticator will result in duplication of work and personal accounts in both instances of Authenticator. I decided a new Microsoft account (outlook) would be the best course to separate the personal and work cloud backups.  It all feels a little clunky because I do not have any easy way to re-add 3 work accounts to the work profile of Authenticator - no QR or other code available. I also do not have a broker account within the work profile like I do in the personal profile even though the work account is used with SSO. Also despite verifying all settings, notifications to the app are not coming to the work profile instance of Authenticator making me think this was all for nothing...  A lot of background and info but the questions is "Should MS Authenticator be used and work as designed in the way I have configured it?"
    Tuesday, September 1, 2020 3:32 PM